Cheerful / Happy, Children,Pop,
A positive, cheerful, playful, energetic and optimistic track with drums, strings, pick bass and chorus vocals . Ideal for commercial projects, corporate advertising and internet videos as well as uses involving children, kids, innocence, smiling, inspiration or motivation etc. Download this song for free (no registration required) at: NCM is a young and rapidly growing music library that offers fresh, original and exciting content. The music provided through NCM is 100 % FREE for use on any kind of production (including monetized YouTube videos, TV programs, radio, film, games, theatre, ads, etc.). Use music from NCM freely to take your productions to the next level. Enjoy, get inspired, and don’t forget to subscribe because new music is added regularly! NOTE: Use of music provided through NCM is subject to only the following two conditions: 1) You must provide a link to the song you are using, pointing to the song either on our YouTube channel ( or on our website ( If a link is not applicable (e.g. use on radio, film, dvd...) you must give credit to NCM and list our website in the credits. 2) You are free to use music provided through NCM on commercial projects, however you may not sell this music by itself, as part of a music library, or make such music available (for free or otherwise) through internet music platforms. Music through NCM is provided on the condition that it will be used as part of a production project. NOTE: We have the right of non-exclusive copyrights of the footages on video! The right of exclusive copyrights belong to contributors, respectively: